Add-Plus believes in a customer-centric approach to our business. As such, we endeavour to meet or even exceed our Customers' manufacturing expectations so that they can direct their focus on core business activities in design, marketing and innovations.


To facilitate quick turnaround time (TAT) and production runs according to Customers' specifications, Add-Plus has formulated the following workflow pertaining to your inquiry:


Bill-of-Material with / without Approved Vendor List
Component Layout Info
PCB Gerber File and Info
Required Run Rate and Schedule
Quality and Test Requirements
Sample Board and Bare Board


Material Consigned Project (Quotation within 2 working days)
Material Turnkey Project (Quotation within 2 weeks)

Your Confirmation

Upon acceptance of sales terms, Customer issues Purchase Order (PO) indicating delivery requirements

Production and Delivery

Production is carried out according to specification
Delivery as per committed schedule


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