Add-Plus delivers Lean Manufacturing Solutions with state-of-the-art equipments and advance product technologies. Our seamless manufacturing system provides web-based and real-time infrastructure interfaces right from the beginning to the end of a production run. Now you can experience speed, flexibility and efficiency altogether.


We make a vast range of product demand profiles from low volume, high complexity programs to high volume production seem effortless and manageable, because of our advance capabilities and established foundations. Focus on your core businesses while we will help you achieve cost-efficiencies, with incredible time to markets.


Seamless Manufacturing Infrastructure

Highly Complex Specifications

Dedication and Passion

Experience the Add-Plus Advantage:

  • Ball Grid Array (BGA) Re-Balling and Rework
  • BGA QFP Fine Pitch Production
  • Complete Product Assembly and Testing
  • Complete Box-Build
  • High Mix Low Volume Production
  • High Quality Mass Production
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Rework
  • Prototype / New Product Introduction (NPI) Production
  • X-Ray Inspection




Regardless of volume and complexity, Add-Plus manufactures products consistent with Customers' exact requirements.


Our machines deal with both Standard and Odd-Shaped Flexis/Boards, varying from the smallest and thinnest flex-circuit assembly to the largest boards. 25" by 25" boards look simpler now

Our vision-equipped Surface-Mount Machines are fast, precise and handle component placements from the largest PLCCs and QEPs with lead spacings of 12 mils down to the smallest 0201 chip  size.




BGA Rework Stations remove and mount components up to 52 mm x 52 mm with  a pitch of 0.4 mm.

X-Ray Inspection Machine with 3- Dimensional (3D) views, featuring  recognition of 2 microns and below.


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